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Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quintet at Vision Festival VIII - 6.13.08 NYC

Excerpt from "Spirtual Dimensions" CD - 'Umar at the Dome of the Rock part II'

New Release on Cuneiform Records available 10.5.09

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Wadada Leo Smith at Improv 21
San Francisco Library of
the Performing Arts

Leo performs and speaks about his music.

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featuring Wadada Leo Smith's Golden Quartet

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Leo playing a solo on 'Emmeya'

N'Da Kulture

Beverly Hills Library - 1995

22 sec. quicktime mov. - 760k

video by Satinder Singh


Wadada Leo Smith
& N'Da Kulture

'Lotus Garden'

Beverly Hills Library - 1995

29 sec. quicktime mov. - 600k

video by Satinder Singh


Wadada and N'Da Kulture can be heard on
'Golden Hearts Rememberance'

Glenn Horiuchi - Piano, Shamisen

William Roper
- Tuba

David Philipson
- Bansuri (bamboo flutes)

Sonship Theus
- Drumkit










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