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Less is abundance in Wadada Leo Smith's thoughtful jazz
"Mississippi-born jazz composer Wadada Leo Smith has mastered the art of omission, splicing his most dazzling phrases with dramatic pauses and mysterious silences. The 68-year-old's performance at the Library of Congress's Coolidge Auditorium on Saturday night was elegant, the signature stop-and-go nature of his playing feeling more meditative than herky-jerky. When Smith wasn't blowing clean, bright notes through his horn, he was providing space for his band to roam and space for his listeners to think."
Chris Richards - The Wahington Post 11.21.10

Live review | Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith’s freedom ride
"Iconic trumpeter Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith is an artist who has gained legendary status through his music, his associations and perhaps most of all, his spiritual prescience. Joined by his Golden Quartet, Smith enchanted a full house at the Coolidge Auditorium at the Library of Congress on Saturday."  
Luke Stewart - Capitolbop.com 11.22.10  

Los Angeles Times
Wadada Leo Smith and his Golden Quartet
April 4, 2010

Signal to Noise
Winter 2007

Wadada Leo Smith
& Süleyman Erguner
Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish Language Review #1

Hürriyet Cumartesi
Turkish Language Review #2
14 Ekim, 2006

New York Times
Wadada Leo Smith
and Alan Kushan
December 3, 2005, NYC


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