Glenn Atsushi Horiuchi
27 February, 1955 - 3 June, 2000

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Glenn wore many hats. He was a husband and father, a music instructor, a community activist, a jazz musician and composer, a Zen teacher, film scorer, and shamisen apprentice. He wore all his hats with enthusiasm and dedication, with the desire to challenge himself and the ability to charm his audience.

Glenn remained true to his music, committed to his vision of expressing his ideas and feelings through his compositions. He was passionate about the hardships of working class people; the struggle against racism; his ties to the Japanese American culture and community; and his love for his family.  

His sense of fun; many silly moments; and that unique laugh will be painfully missed.

As a child he would often say, "I'm waiting for the Martians to take me to outer space, so be nice to me or I won't take you with me."


Whether in outer space or in heaven: Glenn, we'll see you again -

as our friend, as our teacher, as our husband, as our father, as our son, as our nephew., as our cousin, as our brother ...

We'll see you again.

And it will be sweet.


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